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Immaculate Heart Of Mary Feast Of The Sacred Heart Immaculate ...

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    If we call you Blessed
    We will be blessed
        Immaculate Mary
    Mother of God.
        Blessed are You
    You show us the way
        Mary our Mother
    Teach us to pray.



    God of wellbeing teach me how to flourish.

    Help me to nourish the unique strengths you have woven into my character.

    Show me those relationships in my life that make my spirit sing with joy.

    Teach me to engage in activities that send my soul into flow.

    Open my heart to the signs of true beauty and goodness all around me.

    Encourage to practice positive emotions of gratitude, generosity and love.

    Draw me to seek new meaning in the daily choices I make with my time and energy.

    Move me to experience a sense of accomplishment when each task is completed.

    And finally help me to always practice forgiveness towards those who have

    hurt or offended me in the past, or might do so in the future. 


    Prayers for parishioners who are sick at home or in hospital : 
    Maria Williams Brian Lynch Pat Sassi Simon Saint .
    Ernesto & Napoleon Mannois . Jane Thomas . Daniel Offer . Marie Hall .
    Nina Rose Mullins Georgina MacKinley  Eileen Hoare Sr. Josephine Collier
    Pauline Painter Malgorzata Cordoba Anne Weatherall  
          Updated 8th July 2024


    If your relatives are going into hospital, it is up to you to inform Hospital Staff that your relative

    is a Roman Catholic and would like to receive Holy Communion and/or see a priest.

    Hospital Inpatients, Heatherwood Hospital, Care Homes  please contact Kay Field or Bernadette Bueno  via the Parish Office


    Friends and relatives who are recently deceased or whose anniversary occurs. - Date of Service.

    Eileen Berkeley (RIP) 18th January 2022

    Kevin Wilde (RIP) 18th February 2022

    Lawrence McLaughlin (RIP) 6th April 2022

    Brenda Marshall (RIP) 17th May 2022

    Joan Duke (RIP) 25th May 2022

    Maria Castaldo (RIP) 3rd August 2022

    Gerry Deighton (RIP) 9th August 2022

    Rev Fr Kevin Jones (RIP) 5th September 2022

    James Majer (RIP) 10th November 2022 *

    Peter Hermon (RIP) 02nd December 2022

    Andy Blatchford (RIP) 28th December 2022

    Adrian Jones (RIP) 12th January 2023

    Geraldine McAllister (RIP) 3rd February 2023

                                      Georgina Ginger (RIP) 23rd February 2023 **                

                                        Alison Conlin (RIP) 5th April 2023                                                       

                                       David McCann (RIP) 2nd May 2023                                

                                          Kirwin (RIP|) 7th June 2023                                      

                                                  Francis Wilde (RIP) 7th July 2023                                                

                                                       Moira Matthews (RIP) 14th July 2023                                               

    Chris Browne (RIP)  24th August 2023                           

                                          Violet Maude Griffiths (RIP) 23rd November 2023                              

              Sue Powell (RIP) 15th December 2023   

                Mary Wong (RIP)  29th December 2023

                         Michael Blair (RIP)  27th March 2024           P

              Barbara Naomi Wood (RIP)  19th April

      Nora Teresa Annan (Rip)  14th May

    Gerald  Griffiths  (RIP)  29th May

    Trevor Kilner (RIP) 31st May

    Christopher Barry Sillett (RIP) 26th July


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