Ever loving God,  we, your children, always grateful for your gifts of family.

Thank you for the holiness of our homes.

Graced by your abiding presence, may we appreciate your gifts,

experience your joy, endure our messiness and remain hopeful during difficulties.

May all of us, whoever we are, never forget that you are at the heart

of all the love we share. 




Friends and relatives who may be sick or can do with our prayers. St Francis Parish and its members

 prayers for parishioners who are sick at home or in hospital : 

Nathan James Lennon Peter Hermon Michael Becker Mary Sermon
Ethna Bunnemeyer Maggie MacMillan Korbin Gabb Vivienne Stezaker
Alexis Ernesto & Napoleon Mannois Mr & Mrs Murphy Eileen MacKintosh
  Updated   3rd February  2018



If your relatives are going into hospital, it is up to you to inform Hospital Staff that your relative

is a Roman Catholic and would like to receive Holy Communion and/or see a priest.

Hospital Inpatients, Heatherwood Hospital, please contact Kay Field on 01344 876644

or B. Bueno on 01344 885252 Eurcharistic Minister for the Sick

Friends and relatives who are recently deceased or whose anniversary occurs. 

Mary Teresa Clune (RIP) Funeral Service 25th February 2016

Rita Wilson (RIP)  Funeral Service 1st March 2016 

Julia Mary Spurr (RIP)  Funeral Service   2nd March 2016

Kitty Lewis (RIP) Funeral Service 16th March 2016

Joan Dorothy Foster (RIP) Funeral Service 12th April 2016

Carla Barot (RIP) Funeral Service 28th April 2016

Beatrice Moss-Terry (RIP) Funeral Service 27th May 2016

Jim Burke-Gaffney (RIP) Funeral Service 5th July 2016

Mary Fearon (RIP) Funeral Service 28th September 2016

Jacqueline Joyce (RIP) Funeral Service 31st January 2017

Nicholas Flannagan (RIP)  Funeral Service 07th June 2017

Judy Guest Cornwall   (RIP)   Funeral Service 27th June 2017

Guy Patrick Donovan (RIP) Funeral Service  4th July 2017

Philip Fearon (RIP)  Funeral Service 19th September 2017

Natividad Nituan (RIP)  Funeral Service 20th September 2017

Mildred Gale (RIP)  Funeral Service 13th October 2017

Victor Catania (RIP) Funeral Service 12th December 2017