The Bereavement group at St Francis has been established for two years. In that time the group have supported Father Tom with the organisation of the All Souls Mass in November.   Whenever possible we also acknowledge a loss of a loved one with a sympathy card sent on behalf of all at St Francis.

In the last year the group have attended various courses to ensure the necessary skills and training are in place to help those fellow parishioners who have been bereaved.

It is appreciated that many parishioners who have been bereaved will only want to talk to and gain support from family and friends during their grief. However, for others they may prefer to talk to someone not closely involved, who will listen and offer kindness and consolation.  During the Spring of 2015 we will be holding a couple of sessions for those who have been bereaved recently and would like to talk about anything over a cup of tea or coffee.

It must be stressed the team are not bereavement counsellors but volunteers who wish to offer support to those in our community who feel they need more – a listening ear whilst they go through the grieving process.  We are hoping that as we gain trust and recognition from the Parish we can offer more practical support in terms of Funeral Arrangements that will be helpful for families going through a difficult and sad time.  If the sessions are supported and prove beneficial then more will be held throughout the rest of the year.


The two dates in the Spring will be Wednesday 15th April 11-1pm and Saturday 25th April 11-1pm in the St Clare room.  Two members of the group will be available at each session and will not be time constrained.  No need to book just come along!


Details of the volunteers involved in the Bereavement Group can be found on the Parish website.


Many thanks

The St Francis Bereavement Group

       John Doyle
        Mary Looney
       Tricia Mullins
        Jackie Power          
      Christine Proctor
       Pat Sassi